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Industry-Leading Molecular-Physics Technology

International-patent Bio-Stamina Fibre Technology

The light-weight and super-fine hallow fibers are drawn from the material balls made of germanium, titanium and key composites with precise molecular-scale and reagent-grade formula. This manufacturing method ensures increased stability, even distribution, bio-safety of the metal content and textile products. This innovative technology and products have granted over 70 patents in USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc..



High-purity bio-band far-infrared ensure human health 

This technology and its products is able to emit far-infrared by a electricity-free, radiation-free and medicine-free way at normal temperature. The emissivity of the bio-band far-infrared ray at a wavelength between 4 and 14µm is above 90%. 


Medical Principle and Proof by Clinical Research

Micro blood-vessel system, an ignored super-huge organ

The micro blood vessel, a tiny thing with a diameter between 5 and 8µm usually to be ignored, actually it is the ultimate delivery network feeding the 60 trillion cells of the human body. It is also a super-huge organ with length total over 96,000 kilometers which reaches 2.5 circles of Earth. 


Bio-band far-infrared enhances circulation of blood vessels

The bio-band far-infrared emitted by the patented precious-metal fibers triggers the liquidity effect by de-bonding water micelle, and produces safe thermal-effect and beneficial non-thermal effect on human cells, which benefits peripheral blood circulation of micro vessel system and cell activities, thus promoting metabolism, relieving fatigue and other good effects.












Product proof by clinical research rather than hearsay legend

GreenE co-works with top-notch hospitals, universities and laboratories for physiological mechanism research and efficacy test. For example a laboratory test shows that textile usage can effectively increase blood flow volume by nearly 43% and blood flow speed by 52%, a bicycling EMG test regarding sports tape proves less muscular-strength regression, muscle stretching and torque. GreenE products are worthy of trust by solid reasons. 


Exclusive Benefits of GreenE Products

● Circulation effects surveyed and proven by clinical research

● Eelectricity-free, radiation-free and medicine-free

● Permanently effective under washing or steaming

● Medical-level identical and constant production quality 

● Safe use for pregnant women and children