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Instruction to use

Instruction to use:

  • The products adopted the far-infrared composed material, patented embedding technology, the effects can be remained after washing. Non-pilling, won’t be lose, the shape will not be changed, it will become hard . When using will sweating fast, so please drink water always. Can speed up the blood flow & flow speed after using.
  • Using the patented technology to develop the plug free & non-electromagnetic blanket. It is safe for infant & pregnant woman to use. The validity is long. Few cotton sheet /anti-dust mite/anti-bacterial. Can kill the bacterial with high temperature directly.(Durable temperature 140℃)
  • Fleece side for use in winter., which effect is similar to electric blanket; Cotton side for use in summer, which is breathable.

  • Use as a quilt without cover so can touch the back side directly, can enhance the blood flow & flow speed. In winter, use one as quilt and another one as upper cover, the effects will be more effective.
  • The blanket have very good breathing feature. So when the weather is very cold, should be covered with a thin sheet to prevent the cold wind. No need another heavy blanket to keep warm.

  • The cleaning method: Can be washed by 12kgs loadable washing machine and dry. One time one pc, with the water level at its utmost height. Any brand detergent is workable, but exclude bleaching agents. 
  • The product is 100% made in Taiwan, and have insured for 5000 million dollars.
  • The one who is in poor blood circulation, will feel dizzy, pain & scratch in hands and feet and body, night sweating, cramping….etc., it is normal. Can be relieved with a thin blanket.

  • Any question please call the agent, and share the effects with friends.The staff of Green Energy Nano Technology thank you!

  • Guaranteed period :1 year, the effect will keep for 5 years at normal usage condition. (Excluded the abnormal usage, improper operation)

    The blood flow increased 42.98%, the flow speed increased 52.36%