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Blanket Series Pattern

α wave round portable therapy Pad.

α wave round portable therapy Pad.

α Wave multi-functional padding size 19x 19cm


1.Relax muscles and enhance partial blood circulation&  eliminated partial pain

2.Capable to ease the pain for any part of body at any time / in anywhere.

3.Infrared depth massage

Made with Germanium, Titanium, and 兀metal recipe. Using patented manufacture process and integration. After washing, this blanket keeps its energy-capacity, stays matt-free, won’t deform or harden, nor thin out.

The products are made in Taiwan and electric free, safety and eco-friendly. Fully safety for infant and pregnant.

Taiwan Department of Health  No. 002431  

Food and Drug administration  No. 10035279

on shoulder (summer) on shoulder (winter)
on belly on back
on knee on ankle